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28-5 18:58:04 Gast_5241 KEYMACRO is an ASCII serial keyboard macro utility. It enables you to set up command sequences, record them and playback them on the keyboard. It also comes with automatic command record and playback with or without cursor movement. It is both an automation tool and a learning tool.
Many users, especially beginners, often have trouble memorizing and typing command sequences. It can be quite frustrating. Fortunately, it is possible to make these operations as effortless as possible.
One simple example of the possibilities of using keyboard macros is as follows: you can set up a macro that launches a calculator application. This application displays the calculator and lets you type in calculations. You can then press a key and your calculations are automatically recorded. You can also record many commands simultaneously, and play them back in a specified order.
That means that you can set up a macro that launches your own application, record many of its actions and play them back automatically.
KEYMACRO does this in a very intuitive manner, using a fast and easy to use interface. You just record your actions by hitting the Enter key.
For example, you can record a sequence that runs the Microsoft Office Calculator application and displays results on the screen. You can also record a sequence that launches your Internet Explorer and starts a search.
KEYMACRO is not just a tool for recording and playback but also a learning tool. You can practice over and over again until you are familiar with the commands.
You can find out more about the program at the following address:

Giragel – an action recorder:
Giragel is an application that lets you record your actions and play them back automatically. It records what you do on the computer screen, e-mail and more. Giragel also lets you record your mouse movements.
The next time you have trouble remembering your actions, just launch Giragel and play back your actions as if you had written them down.
As with other programs that offer this kind of functionality, Giragel also comes with a complete set of keyboard shortcuts. It can also be run directly from your desktop.
Giragel is not just an action recorder, but a tool to improve your computer skills.
It is a great application for people who have trouble remembering their actions, especially when playing games or doing other activities.
Giragel is a free download and can be found at the following address: «link»
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28-5 18:56:42 Gast_5815 - a mail notify
- set message text in format kmail-notify.

NEWSFEED Description:
- receives messages
- determines the sender
- notifies you

Lockscreen Description:
- basic implementation of notificaiton messages
- backgrounds only
- notification can be muted - 03/11/12
- first release

bash: make VIM open file with proper encoding

I use VIM. When opening a file it opens and shows the syntax markdown as I want but when saving the file, it saves as the local default encoding (e.g. UTF-8) and not the current language encoding.
How can I configure VIM to automatically recognize the current language encoding and set the file encoding to the current language?


set encoding=auto

set fileencoding=utf8

In case you want to set encoding for the entire session
set fileencoding=utf8


This helps me to change encoding of the VIM (I'm using japanese)
:set fileencoding=iso-2022-jp
:set fileencoding=utf-8

:set fileencoding=utf-8

:set fileencoding=utf-8

does not works.

Tuesday, February 10, 2010


We are all expected to be mid-lifers in our 20’s and 30’s. We reach our peak earning years between the ages of 35 to 50. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work out like we think it should. If you are 30 years old and still a young teacher, you are probably regarded as a mid-lifer. Are you just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Are you suffering from the mid-lifer blues?

I came to the conclusion that I was mid-lifer a few years ago. I was 38 and had been teaching for a little over 5 years. I loved my job, but I just didn’t feel like I was doing anything very important with my life. My family was growing and I didn’t feel like I was contributing to anything other than being a full-time mom. I started to feel the mid-lifer blues creeping in. I got a little depressed «link»
4f8c9c8613 lathrei
28-5 18:56:39 Gast_5206 Description:
This is an open-source platform for the programming of macros.
It is intended for the creation of simple scripts for use in the Windows environment.
KeyMacro is a simple program but extremely useful.
It is free for non-commercial use and is also free for commercial use with a subscription service.
How to uninstall KeyMacro:
1. Uninstall the application from the Microsoft Windows
2. Delete the app files from the computer
A previous version of the program is available for Windows XP and Vista
Installation Guide:

System Requirements:
Minimum system requirements
Windows 2000, XP, Vista
JRE 5.0 or higher
Macintosh version of OS X v10.5
How to activate KeyMacro:
If you are not subscribed to the KeyMacro 10% discount program, you can activate the paid version of the product by using the Registration Key given in the installation file.
All KeyMacro products are available for commercial use at a 10% discount. If you are interested in obtaining a key for KeyMacro please contact: support@keymacro.com
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Free: No registration required.
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Multiply number of activation keys purchased with 10%.
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Pricing for update key:
Free: No registration required.
Pro: 6 months subscription for update keys.
Registration key:
KeyMacro installation:

KeyMacro key:

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28-5 18:56:23 Gast_2466 Hi people
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